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Removing the Biochemicals Lurking in your Muscles that cause Spasms & Pain

Continuing on from last month…..
Shah etal created an acupuncture needle that allowed them to compare the relative concentrations of 8 key pain upregulating biochemicals in healthy muscle & from muscle containing trigger points confirmed by EMG. The biochemicals measured were TNFα, IL1β, serotonin, bradykinin, substance P, acid (H+), norepinephrine & calcitonin-gene-related-peptide (CGRP). So, what did they find?
1. Measurements taken immediately after inserting the needle into:
a. the superficial layer of the muscle (but not into the trigger-point proper) showed that muscle with:
i. active trigger points always contained high levels of all pain biochemicals,
ii. latent trigger points contained slightly more than healthy muscle
iii. no trigger points (healthy muscle) had lowest levels
b. the trigger-point proper, showed levels of muscle CGRP and substance P were:
i. greatest for active trigger points,
ii. much less for latent trigger points
iii. lowest in healthy muscle
2. Needling a muscle’s trigger point significantly reduced the pain producing biochemicals CGRP & substance P afterward
The pain promoting biochemicals in muscles with trigger points cause muscle to become hard & swollen with fluid.
While this fluid remains in the muscle with all the biochemicals dissolved in it – the muscle remains dysfunctional & in pain. Muscle elongation therapy has been specifically developed to rid muscle, ligaments, tendons & bursa of this fluid to reduce pain & promote healing, so if you’re suffering ongoing musculoskeletal pain come see us at the clinic.


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