Little Big Hitters


The Blue Mountains Baseball and Softball Club’s Under 11 Boys Monkeys have just completed a great season of teeball, winning the Penrith City Softball Association Competition whilst having lots of fun along the way. The Monkeys lost just one game this season, thanks to their talented team of 11, which included local brother and sister Riley and Tasmyn Wood.

For big brother Riley, who is 7, it was all about hitting home runs. “I like getting home on the bases” he said. “We just have fun. We worked together really well” added Tasmyn, who is 6.

With the popularity of teeball on the rise for both boys’ and girls’ teams, Riley and Tasmyn’s mother Shireen Wood was proud of the team. “This year’s team was a very talented bunch of kids. Most of the players are off to representative teams and mod ball for the next season. Big thanks to their wonderful supportive coaches Jason and Lara for this season” explained Shireen.

“The joy of seeing Riley and Tasmyn contribute to the team’s success and watching them have pride in their game, their club and their team has been amazing. Teeball really is a great sport” ended Shireen.

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