The Complete Educational Package at St Paul’s Grammar School


I consider St Paul’s Grammar School to be the leading school in Western Sydney, due to its unparalleled choice of subjects and extensive range of co-curricular offerings. However, school rankings of academic success may not include St Paul’s, despite very strong and consistent results.

St Paul’s offers a diverse HSC curriculum, allowing students to specialize their study to excel in areas of interest. 2018 HSC Dux, Matthew Seckold, tailored his course to focus on his strengths of English and Humanities. HSC Runner-Up, Albi Benjamin, chose Mathematics and Physics, which complimented his areas of interest. Noah Godsell, who has been accepted to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, included Dance and Extension Music.

St Paul’s also offers the International Baccalaureate (IB), globally recognised as perfect preparation for further study and careers in today’s world. All St Paul’s students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 10 study IB programmes. In Years 11 and 12, students choose between the HSC and the IB Diploma as their final school qualification. The IB Diploma focuses on preparation for university, developing critical thinking and research skills essential for tertiary success. Half of St Paul’s senior students complete the IB and as results are released three weeks after the HSC, they are not included in academic school comparisons websites based on the HSC.

Combining HSC and IB Diploma results, St Paul’s typically has 30% of Year 12 students rank in the top 10% of academic results and 50% of students achieve ATARs above 80, significantly ahead of other local non-selective schools. We are also proud of the fact that challenging opportunities are provided to students for whom a high ATAR is not a goal. We celebrate their success as well.

St Paul’s offers the complete educational package to meet the needs of each and every student.

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