School Bells Ring for Darlington’s


Do you have your school bag? Have you packed your lunch? Did you brush your teeth? There’s no denying that the first day of school for the year can be chaos. For many parents, this also includes sending their children to a new school, whether it be kindergarten or high school.

This year, the Darlington family household will be experiencing just that, with Jack Darlington starting kindergarten at Regentville Public School and older sister Georgia starting high school at Glenmore Park High School.

“As a parent, it’s an exciting and reflective time as new milestones are met with our two youngest children starting at new schools. We are looking forward to sharing their achievements and adventures throughout the next chapter of their schooling” said Dianne Darlington, Jack and Georgia’s Mum.

The excitement of walking through the school gates for a new year brings with it hopes and dreams. Both Jack and Georgia look forward to their big day ahead.

“I’m actually not nervous. I love it because I can do lots of things there like playing. There is a big kid area and a little kid area” beamed Jack.

Georgia has already faced the familiar primary school environment and is looking towards the next chapter of life as a high school student. “I’m looking forward to a variety of new subjects and meeting lots of new friends” she explained.

Once they’ve finished school, like many of their friends, they too know what jobs they’d like to have. Georgia would like to become a lawyer as she enjoys public speaking and debating. Jack looks to have a busy life ahead of him, instead wishing to be a motorbike rider, monster truck driver, zookeeper, ninja or a vet!

“Our local area, as well as Regentville Public School and Glenmore Park High School, offer an abundance of extracurricular activities, opportunities and new experiences. Whether it be the arts, sport or academics, there is always an opportunity for our kids to participate in whatever they are interested in” ended Dianne.

The Glenmore Gazette would like to wish those students starting or returning to school the best of luck this year.

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