Clover Continues a Family Tradition


It’s a new year, with thousands of children right across the country lacing up their shoes, putting on their backpacks, showing their best smiles and walking through the gates together with their families to start their first day of Kindergarten. It’s a day of nervous anticipation filled with tears and laughter.

For the Macura family, 4-year-old Clover will start Kindergarten at Emu Plains Public School this year. What makes Clover’s journey even more remarkable is that she will continue that same family tradition at the local school that was first started by her Aunty Lee back in 1981. Clover’s Dad Dale soon followed at Emu Plains Public School in 1986, whilst Lee’s children Kelsie, Cooper and Emerson also attended. Clover joins her sister Willow who started last year.

When asked what she was looking forward to most about starting school, Clover beamed “meeting new friends and learning new things”. She also mentioned that when she finishes school, she would one day like to become a painter as she enjoys painting pictures.

For Clover’s parents Dale and Amelia Macura, it will not only be an emotional day but a happy one at the same time as she waves goodbye to begin her time at the school that has already shaped her family’s lives.

“I have loved watching my children and now grandchildren go to the same school. It’s community based with caring and friendly teaching staff who make everyone most welcome” said Liz Macura, Clover’s Grandmother.

We would like to wish all the children in the local community starting school for the first time the best of luck on their amazing journeys ahead.

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