Carol’s Mission to Empower Women


Three years ago, local resident and photographer Carol Donaldson attended a workshop to learn more about photographing women. The workshop involved having her hair and makeup done before having her portrait taken, something she feared. Little did she know that this experience would empower her to not only overcome her fear but help to create the opportunity for her to now specialise in women’s portraiture, glamour and boudoir photography.

“I started my business 8 years ago, after being a keen photographer for nearly 10 years. I had been helping other photographers at weddings and events and started photographing families and babies” Carol explained.

The workshop was life changing for Carol. “I really didn’t want to do it, and my own fear almost stopped me from attending the workshop at all. But I did it, I felt what it was like to be on the other side of the camera and I had so much fun. I now bring that fun experience into my own studio” she reflected.

Carol’s photography helps clients with their confidence by showing them that they are enough. Every woman is beautiful, and she proves it to them.

“Seeing is believing. Whether they are slim or curvy, young or old, we are all just girls”.

“Throughout the shoot, I will show my client the back of the camera and there are quite often emotional tears.

The client can’t believe she could look so beautiful and sees herself as the world sees her. Her confidence soars and the connection between herself and the camera is even stronger. When they finally see their finished photos, the most common word is ‘wow’ and that’s the part I love” Carol smiled.

What Carol enjoys the most about her business is seeing that same transformation in her clients that she experienced. She photographs girls and women from 9 to 90 years of age. Some come to her studio unsure and nervous, often with low self-esteem. Throughout the shoot, they blossom into full confidence and enjoy themselves. “I have a studio wardrobe which the ladies can’t resist trying out as well” she added.

Her goal is to turn her business into a full time studio and to continue helping everyday women to see they are enough as they are.

For more information about Sitting Pretty Photography by Carol Donaldson, visit the website or search ‘Sitting Pretty Photography by Carol Donaldson’ on Facebook.

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