There is Always H.O.P.E


Just four short months ago, I was a survivor wanting to share a very personal self-healing journey with the world. I created a blog. A very simple story blog. The story told, was my way of shedding an unwanted skin of childhood sexual abuse. My way of moving past survival mode and into the world of the living. My way of finally lifting the heavy weight off my shoulders that had taken up residence since I was only four years old.

H.O.P.E began from courage. From strength, deep and inner strength. As I shared my story, people reached out. Strangers reached out. The common word, HOPE. So, I created H.O.P.E (Healing Our Princess Esteem).

It was created with hope to inspire others who have also survived childhood sexual abuse to come forward.

To stand tall. To wear their scars proudly. To show the world it hasn’t broken us.

Moving forward, H.O.P.E will become a Not-For-Profit organisation H.O.P.E will walk alongside survivors, encouraging, empowering them to re-build their Princess Esteem. Aiding them to relight their inner warrior princess. H.O.P.E will develop seminars, workshops, motivational talks covering the very essence of what it feels like, looks like, to be a survivor. To educate on both the easy to see and silent indicators, the ones in which unless you are a survivor, you couldn’t possibly understand.

To build/create wellness camps for survivors and to be known as H.O.P.E Retreats for young girls between the ages of 14 and 18. Inside each retreat will be professionals and practitioners who aide in a holistic approach to building a positive self-worth and self-esteem. From psychologists, meditation experts, fitness instructors right through to stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists.

Last month, H.O.P.E held its first ‘Coffee and Chat’ catch-up. An informal meeting where survivors can come and meet fellow survivors. Whilst no one attended, I want it known, I understand! I know the complexity of wanting to come forward, yet you are frozen. You can’t. I am okay with this. I’ll wait. Every week, I’ll wait. I will wait until each and every one of you feels brave enough to move forward.

For more information, you can visit H.O.P.E (Healing Our Princess Esteem) on Facebook at

^ Local resident Lisa Crisford | Image: LStudio Photography

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