Here Come the Elves!


With Christmas just around the corner, the elves are hastily beginning to pack their bags and leave the North Pole for the warm, hot weather of Australia where they live on shelves at homes by day and cause mischief by night. Six-year-old Logan Szokolai and her family are ready to welcome the elves and their crazy adventures once again to their Emu Heights home.

Each year, the local family are visited by 5 adult elves, a baby elf and their reindeer. Elfis Presley, Elfin DeGeneres, Denzelf Washington, Elfton John and Samuel Elf Jackson are joined by baby Gandelf and their reindeer Robert Deer-Niro.

“Logan loves this time of year, although our elf on the shelf tradition is slightly different to other families. Our elves visit throughout the year too to mark special occasions like birthdays, Easter and sometimes just for a surprise visit! Logan can touch her elves, if she asks for permission. She loves being able to cuddle them when she goes to sleep and is always so surprised when she wakes up to find them up to mischief once again” said Shara Wainwright, Logan’s Mum.

Last year, the elves stowed away on the family cruise where they got to meet the Captain and even steered the ship. When visiting the family’s home, the elves are famous for getting into the kitchen and cooking at night. “I don’t like when they cook because they make a mess and Mummy gets mad” explained Logan.
The family have a funny feeling they’ll find the elves outdoors a lot this year, with their newly made fairy garden complete with a waterfall, a pond for fishing and a yellow brick road.

“We love seeing Logan’s face when the elves arrive for the first day of their Christmas stay each year. She has such a big imagination and we love encouraging it” beamed Shara.

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