Gazette Cadet – Georgia’s Journey


There’s nothing quite as exciting as having the opportunity to learn about something you are passionate about.

I was recently given the opportunity to carry out my year 10 work experience at the District Gazette. I can still remember the moment I found out I would be doing work experience there. It was followed by an obnoxiously loud squeal of utter excitement that my parents swore the whole street would have heard!

Being a passionate writer who has wanted to publish a book since the age of 8, I found that learning about the media and journalism in our local community to be inspiring and very interesting. As a teenager, I have always relied on my writing to voice many things I am unable to speak. Writing has always held significance in my life, as it felt like an escape.

What an amazing week it was. I was welcomed by a warm and friendly team, all of whom shared a laugh (and a sigh) as we worked tirelessly towards the December deadlines. As we worked together towards the last paper of the year, I was given exciting tasks like assisting with social media updates, artwork designing and of course writing stories (including this one!) Learning about how the District Gazette runs and the busy nature of the paper at deadline time was a thrilling experience.

It has been an eye opening and life changing experience that I will cherish. The District Gazette has been the ideal place of work experience for me and I would recommend this to any student wishing to pursue a career in the media or even for those who love writing. Learning about our local community has been wonderful and I am thankful for the opportunity and the memories that were made.

^ Local work experience student Georgia Stoch | Article + Image: Georgia Stoch

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