Ropes Crossing Community Garden


The S355 Hub Committee is considering the possibility of developing a Community Garden in the grounds of the Ropes Crossing Hub.

They are calling for community interest. This is a great opportunity for interested community members to join in with the community garden. Get to know your neighbours, learn and share skills in growing vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, herbs and what to do with them once they do grow. This is a great way to join in with gardening if there is not enough room at home, you live in a unit or you travel a lot. Gardeners share the care of the garden and share the produce grown. Produce harvested is grown with no nasty chemicals and no food miles (the long distances food travels from grower to the markets, shops and to your home). Gardening is a good outdoor activity and provides light exercise.

Skills in gardening are welcomed but not necessary. There are a variety of different tasks and roles that people can contribute in addition to caring for the garden. This includes helping with the committee, minding the tea/coffee money, keeping the minutes from meetings, updating the group’s Facebook page (if they want one) and organising sponsorship from organisations and businesses (like Bunnings).

If you might like to be a part of creating a Community Garden Group, please email Julian Munford on

^Some of the fruit and vegetables that can be grown at a community garden | Image:

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