Life Outside the Ring


Harrington Park’s Daniel Geale has had an amazing boxing career, which saw him win a gold medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and later two middleweight world championships as a professional. The local father has now set his sights on a career in fitness and has just started his own business.

“I started Daniel Geale Fitness very recently. I do a few outdoor group sessions a week and incorporate a bit of the sport that I love. I enjoy talking about boxing and passing on my knowledge. Building others up and giving people the confidence to achieve anything they want badly enough. I love showing people that with all the hard work, you can achieve your goals. Boxing is such a great sport for the young and old, male or female. If you like a bit of a challenge, then you will love it” Daniel told the Oran Park Gazette.

Geale currently doesn’t have any plans in boxing and is enjoying time with his family. He has been doing a lot of coaching and teaching after completing a Certificate 4 in Fitness and continues to study at Tafe, where he is currently doing a High-Performance Strength and Conditioning Course.

After taking up boxing as a 9-year-old living in Tasmania, Daniel’s career included 135 wins out of 165 fights as an amateur and 31 wins out of 36 fights as a professional. He won the IBO World Middleweight Title against Daniel Dawson in 2007 and the IBF World Middleweight Title off Sebastian Sylvester in 2011. He also unified the IBF and WBA Super World Middleweight Titles in 2012 against Felix Sturm.

“When I first moved to Macarthur in 2005, it reminded me of Tasmania. The beautiful scenery, friendly people and the serenity. My wife and I loved it and thought it was the perfect area to raise our kids. We loved the area, but the people here made it even better. I also had the best management and coaching team from this area that did everything they could to help me achieve my goals. This is where I had to be” he ended.

^ Daniel Geale with his championship belts | Image: Sheena Geale

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