Clayton Clancy – War Horse


During World War II, over 400,000 horses were sent into battle with only one horse making it home. Australian war horses were affectionately termed “Walers” and were known for their qualities of hardiness, stamina and frugality combined with natural courage and intelligence. Local resident Teresa Tidball’s horse, Clayton Clancy, is a descendent of war horse heritage.

Teresa first met Clancy at the beginning of this year at a cattle station in a remote rural community in Western Queensland. The station was suffering from a 7-year drought, which resulted in them reducing their stock. Clancy was almost 4 years old and struggling to maintain condition. Upon Teresa meeting him, it was love at first sight. Clancy had the calm, willing temperament that is typical of Waler horses.

Once in Penrith, it took several months of conditioning to build Clancy’s drought-starved state back to that of a riding horse. Clancy is now confident in his new environment and Teresa decided to enter him into the Waler Horse Society of Australia, Inc.’s High Points Competition for Versatility. This competition showcases the versatility of the breed and runs from July 2018 to June 2019. Points are accumulated by going out and trying different disciplines, such as trail riding, showing, dressage, and cattle work.

Teresa and Clancy have so far attended over 12 events in 9 different categories. Teresa is looking for local businesses that would like to sponsor Clancy in this competition. If you would like to find out more about sponsorship or see what Clancy is up to, you can follow his Facebook page at

Teresa and Clancy | Image: Jessica Murphy

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