Buy Fresh and Local


Supporting local businesses by providing fresh produce and great customer service is something that Llandilo Quality Fruit Market have been doing since husband and wife Antonio and Barbara Agostino opened it’s doors in the early 1980’s.

The popular business began its humble beginnings from a small wheelbarrow placed out the front of the property selling vegetables grown on the farm by the Agostino’s. As demand increased and time went by, a small tin shed was built. With many people stopping by to buy their home grown produce, a brick dwelling was then created.

Llandilo Quality Fruit Market pride themselves on selling local produce. Freshly sourced vegetables and fruits like Asian greens, spinach, hydroponic lettuce, endive, beetroot, kale, herbs and much more, from local farmers. Freshly picked roses and mixed flowers, herb pots and potted colour pots are also grown locally. Their eggs are sourced from Llandilo egg farmers, honey comes from an apiary that produces 100% pure honey nearby, apple juice that comes from Bilpin, yoghurt and ricotta from local dairy suppliers and freshly baked bread from a bakery in the community.

“Working and living locally for 43 years have allowed us to make many people in our community valued friends and family. We have witnessed Llandilo and its surroundings grow and develop over the years. We love being a part of the community” said Connie Galluzzo from Llandilo Quality Fruit Market.

Buy local and know that you are directly supporting local businesses and their families, right here in our own backyard!


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