Brumbies Tour of Samoa a Success


The Glenmore Park Brumbies Under 13 rugby league team returned last month from their Scoring Tries Across the Pacific Samoa Tour, with the trip a huge success that will help shape the development of the group of boys in so many ways.

The families of all the players worked tirelessly for the 18 months leading up to the tour with countless hours of fundraising activities, in conjunction with sourcing player sponsors. This all lead to every player being financially supported for the tour.

Visiting both the islands of Upolu and Savaii meant beautiful Samoa presented them with a stunning backdrop of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, idyllic lagoons…. and, an opportunity to swim with the local turtles!

The group also immersed themselves into the rich culture and learned about traditional Samoan activities including wood carving, basket weaving, tapa making, and they even got to witness a traditional tattoo being applied while learning of the incredible significance it brings.

As much as the raw and natural beauty of Samoa stays ingrained in the team’s memories, the thing that will leave a lasting impression on the mind and the souls of this group is the warm welcome and hospitality shown by the people. The incredible way the Brumbies were embraced into the villages visited was touching, powerful and at times quite moving.

It needs to not go unsaid that the team were there, ultimately to play some rugby league. These games evolved into tour highlights for all the players and their families. The boys represented their club, their sponsors, their families and ultimately their country with the highest level of sportsmanship that could be asked. There was fun, laughs, lots of tries, new friendships, ‘Ava ceremonies, hakas, swapping of gifts and endless smiles.

It is hoped this tour will become an annual appointment for the Under 13 teams that play at Glenmore Park Brumbies. As a community there could be no better incentive than to know that any support given will be life changing for these teams. It all goes into using opportunities as a community to help our boys become great young men.

Special mention should go to the tours major sponsor East Side Quarter and the message carried with the team from R U OK.

Amazing sportsmanship between the Brumbies and their Samoan opponents | Image Supplied

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