School Buses Delivered for Jordan Springs!


Local parents have been waiting years for school buses in Jordan Springs.

It’s not good enough that children attending schools in Cranebrook have no school bus – when there is still no local primary school in Jordan Springs.

This is an issue that has been raised with Prue Car MP on a weekly basis.

It is imperative that there are dedicated school buses, so that children can safely get to and from school. Parents should not need to worry about the school trip every day.

Busways will be forwarding information to students, parents and your child’s school which explains the new bus routes.

“I am thrilled to have secured dedicated bus services to Jordan Springs for all Cranebrook Primary Schools.
This means that children will now be able to safely get to and from school on a bus only for them.

Thank you to the Jordan Springs community for getting on board with this issue and fighting to deliver these much-needed buses” announced Prue Car MP – Member for Londonderry.

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