Innovation in Oran Park WSU Launch Pad


Oran Park Smart Work Hub has been a popular choice for business and those who want the convenience of a work environment closer to home without having to travel long distances and battle peak hour traffic.

September saw the launch of a new resident at the Hub, in the way of a technology business incubator. Baxter the robot and a digital 3D printer made an appearance and showcased the technology and innovation that is available and being produced in today’s world.

This is a wonderful innovative initiative between the Western Sydney University and Camden Council. It is designed to connect entrepreneurs in the technology industry with the support and resources of the university to increase their capacity as a local business.

It’s a no brainer that small business is the driver for our economic region and initiatives like this will optimise and open doors for more job opportunities. This is so that more well-paid quality jobs become available in our local area, eliminating the need to travel into major cities and to create more balance with a work, rest, play lifestyle in our own backyard.

A digital workforce is the future. For those that are business owners, it is imperative to start thinking about how you’re going to move your business into a time of technology opportunities and be conscious of the ever-growing trends that may affect your industry.

The Launch Pad is now operating out of the Oran Park Smart Work Hub.

Article: Renee Garcia

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