Covered Outdoor Learning Area Must be Delivered for Mulgoa Public School


For many years the students of Mulgoa Public School have battled 40+ degree days, rain, hail and shine.

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP along with Mulgoa P&C President Vicky Penna and the rest of the executive team called on the Minister of Education to fund a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) for Mulgoa Public School.

“The students and teachers at Mulgoa Public School must battle the elements every day, and often have to cancel assemblies, presentation days or special events because they have no covered, protected area” Tanya Davies said.

“For too long Mulgoa Public School has been overlooked by the Department of Education because it does not have the high enrolments of other schools”.

“But all students, no matter where they live or go to school, should have access to the best possible infrastructure to give them the best start in life”.

“That is why I am fighting to ensure that an all-weather COLA is funded and delivered for Mulgoa Public School”.

The P&C at Mulgoa Public School has been fighting to ensure the COLA is delivered for the students, parents and teachers.

“Currently there is no area within our school that accommodates our students and parents that is undercover” Vicky Penna said.

“A COLA at Mulgoa Public School would provide our students with much needed protection from the weather every day and would also provide us with a venue to hold our school events where the scorching sun and rain will not impact on their success”.

“The construction of COLA at Mulgoa Public School would provide the only learning space within school with the capacity for the whole school and its community to interact” President of the Mulgoa P&C, Vicky Penna said.

“We believe that the students, staff and wider school community at Mulgoa Public School should have access to this vital piece of infrastructure”.

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