Emu Plains Lions Say ‘Hear Here’


Emu Plains Lions were at Specsavers in Westfield Plaza Penrith when they launched their audiology service last month.

Specsavers are progressively rolling out their audiology service across Australia and the Penrith store is the 52nd to offer the service.

1 in 6 Australians experience hearing loss, but only 1 in 3 do anything about it. At Specsavers, they believe the basic necessity of hearing should be accessible to all.

Audiologist Ravneet Kaur, will be offering the audiology service at Specsavers Penrith and Penrith Nepean and Specsavers is encouraging all locals who might have concerns about their hearing to book a free 15-minute hearing check. “At the moment it takes most Australians 7-10 years to acknowledge they have hearing loss before they do anything to help it – if they do anything at all. During these years, I have personally seen so many cases where hearing loss affects a person’s confidence and independence. The individual becomes embarrassed at having difficulty joining in on conversations, so they back away from social engagements and start to become isolated. As we all know, social isolation and a lack of independence can lead to a whole range of both mental and physical conditions, especially if the individual is older”.

Hearing Checklist:
If you experience any of the following tell-tale signs, you may benefit from expert advice from a free 15-minute hearing check at Specsavers:
Do you have the TV or radio turned up louder?
Do you find telephone conversations hard work?
Do you ask people to repeat things?
Do you have difficulty following conversations in groups of people?
Has someone suggested you might not be hearing as well as you used to?
For more information or to book a hearing test, visit www.specsavers.com.au/hearing. Alternatively contact Specsavers Penrith on (02) 4732 4677 or Specsavers Penrith Nepean on (02) 4721 4333.

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