Happy 150th Birthday Regentville Public School


As the School Captains of Regentville Public School, we would love to tell you about this year’s 150 celebration. 

Where to start? This event will be filled with so many wonderful interactions for the entire family! It will be held on 26th September from 9.00am to 8:30pm. During the school hours, every child will be participating in Regentville Rocks, a big performance involving kindergarten to Year 6 students. Each year is different and even better than before. Believe it or not, Regentville Rocks has been going for 18 years. There will also be an art show, The Book Fair and countless other activities. Not to mention the honoured guests we invited to come and celebrate the special day with us. 

After hours, it’s just fun, fun, and more fun. From delicious food trucks on the oval, to Ned’s Revenge Bush Band playing numerous songs to your heart’s content. But that’s not all. Everywhere around the school there will be QR code history walks telling you about the past, present and future. So, all in all it’s going to be an amazing day. 

It all started in 1868. The gates opened. Sir John Jamison; the founder of Regentville donated the ground on which our school first stood. Our first principal Jane Whitaker proudly stood at the gates and welcomed the 26 students on their first day of school. 22 principals and over 300 teachers later, we come to where we are today. As well as the 690 children who are at our school and continuing to grow with Regentville. 

We are so excited to see you at the 150 celebration! 

Yours sincerely, Mia and Harrison  

2018 Regentville Public School Captains 


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