Afford Establishes Support for Disability Carers in Oran Park


Caring for a loved one with disability is a selfless role held by millions of Australians across the country. This unpaid care is usually the role of a family member, whose own wellbeing is often pushed aside to ensure the health of their loved one.  

Leading disability service provider, the Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford), takes a whole-of-life approach to disability supports and, in partnership with Carers NSW and Together Carers, has established a Carer’s Program to support carers in Oran Park. 

Research reveals that there are 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia and around 856,000 are primary carers who provide the most informal assistance to another individual. 

More than half of primary carers (55%) provide care for at least 20 hours per week and 56% of primary carers aged 15 to 64 years participate in the workforce. 

The demands on carers is great and Afford is committed to providing carers with support networks to enhance their own physical and mental health and the ongoing wellbeing of their loved one with disability. 

Steven Herald, Afford CEO, says that caring for carers is a significant piece that completes the puzzle of life happiness for clients. 

“At Afford, we recognise that the role of carers is a significant part of the health and happiness of our clients and that’s why we are working with Carers NSW and Together Carers to host Carers Events to provide advice and support for carers through the NDIS, as well as providing opportunities for social interaction with people with similar experiences” Mr Herald explained. 

“The Afford Carer’s Program provides opportunities for carers to ask questions, network with others with similar experiences and simply take some time out for themselves”. 

Carer’s events are created based on participant interest and often take the form of a BBQ, High Tea, evening dinners or lunches for carers, while their loved ones enjoy discos and activities coordinated for by Afford Lifestyle Assistants.  

The families of Afford’s Oran Park Day Program were recently invited to take part in a Carer’s Event which involved dinner at a local Thai restaurant. 33 carers attended the event. New families to the centre were introduced to the support network, new friendships were formed and NDIS developments were discussed. 

Afford has also arranged for carers to enjoy a night out at a show or musical to relax and enjoy an evening to socialise and simply enjoy time to themselves. 

Most carer events include opportunities for participants to speak with Afford NDIS specialists directly about any questions they may have or for advice on NDIS Plans and funding. 

For more information about Afford, visit or call 1300 233 673. 


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