Macarthur Lions Club Inc.


Macarthur Lions Club Inc. (MLC), also known as the “Golden Club” was established in 1981. They are a group of volunteers under the global “Lions International” banner within the Macarthur local government area. The Macarthur Lions Club; as is Lions International, is a not for profit organisation that is predominantly managed by a Club Board made up of volunteer members from the local community. The Club operates its events from “The Lion’s Den” located in Ellis Lane, Camden.   

The club is involved with approximately sixty annual charitable events. Three meetings held monthly by the club; two dinner meetings and one Board meeting. A large workload made simple through Lionism and good organisation. 

During the charter of the Macarthur Lions Club Inc., the then President Lion Keith Smith stated that “Macarthur Lions Club will be the Golden Club” and that may be the model that national clubs aspire to. The grassroots of the club are, in essence, the volunteers that attend tirelessly events to raise monies to assist those in need or support. 

For the past 37 years, the club has achieved much and set high standards. For these standards to continue in the current and future years, membership numbers must increase. 

In short, the club’s aim is to see highly motivated volunteers “employed” within a stable and well-run Lions Club; producing a cohesive team to assist the community. It is the Club’s ambition to promote and train younger volunteers through the ranks of Lionism. 

Macarthur Lions takes this responsibility seriously which is evident by the quality of events they engage and the outcomes that are produced. The club’s assets and structure places them in good stead to accomplish their mission and vision statements. 

Under the guidelines of Lions International; Macarthur Lions has been allocated a great reputation within the Camden and Macarthur area as has a group of surrounding Lions and Lioness clubs. The objectives set by Lions International is for all Lions clubs, to work closely within their allocated zones and associated clubs with a view of developing “Lionism” within the region and uphold the Lion’s identification of charity. Macarthur Lions also takes this responsibility seriously and in doing so, encourages clubs in our zone to embrace these initiatives. 


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