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We are on the expand! Residents in Gregory Hills will begin receiving the Oran Park Gazette from April 2017

About Oran Park Gazette

A trusted and reliable local resource, business guide and community newspaper distributed across Oran Park + Harrington Park + Harrington Grove + Gregory Hills (From April 2017). 5,000 newspapers are distributed each month, reaching over 11,000 readers.

Rapid growth in circulation is expected due to the developing Oran Park community. Expected circulation is estimated at 11,800 newspapers reaching over 30,000 readers.

Area Profile

Oran Park, Harrington Park + Harrington Grove are home to more than 3,500 households, 63.7% of which are families




All Oran Park, Harrington Park and Harrington Grove residents receive a copy in their letterbox every month. The Oran Park Gazette is also delivered to numerous local pick up points and is also available online.

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census Data and www.forecast.id.com.au