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About Glenmore Gazette

A trusted and reliable local resource, business guide and community newspaper distributed across Glenmore Park, Regentville and Mulgoa Rise. 8,000 newspapers are distributed each month, reaching over 20,000 readers.

Area Profile

Glenmore Park and Regentville are home to more than 8,000 households, 84% of which are families


The median age is 31 years
More females than males live in the area
Approximately 20% of residents own their home outright, 58% are currently paying off a mortgage and just over 21% of households are living in rental properties
The average weekly household income is $1920, which is around $675 per week more than the NSW and Australian median weekly incomes.


All Glenmore Park, Regentville and Mulgoa Rise residents receive a copy in their letterbox every month. The Glenmore Gazette is also delivered to numerous local pick up points and is also available online.


*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 Census Data and